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Many historical sources manly Byzantine, speak about Parthenona from the 10th century ac. The village is also mentioned as Parthenopolis, Partheni, Parthenionas… It is always placed on Loggo, the peninsula of Sithonia (somewhere near Toroni), without specifying its exact position. All modern studies tend to believe the aspect that the old, Byzantine Parthenonas and the Parthenona of today, meaning the one that was under Turkish influence, are not situated in the same spot. Never the less the ancient town Parthenopoli must have been close to the present village. Its rare architectural and housing formation which keeps the resemblance of a village of the past century, attracts the attention of the known and unknown travelers. Today in Parthenona you will find taverns, guest’s rooms, while the stone around the old church (old social center of Parthenona) is restored with fidelity.