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Tigania beach

A beach beside Kriaritsi of Sykia, up to the suggestion unknown to most, for many years Tigania was a paradise for very few and you only found it if someone called you who already knew it and gave you directions to find it, even so it was very difficult to find, a complicated route that very often loses through the streets in the surrounding area.

So, Tigania is actually a terrestrial paradise of Sithonia, so wild and so beautiful at the same time, in fact Tigania consists of three small beaches in the series that are all connected together and create the Tigania, this beach must definitely see it close and dive into its crystal clear waters and you will just fall in love with it at first glance and only so you can tell how you really saw all the beauty of Sithonia.

It has everything that makes it irresistible, wild, infinite beauty, magnificent views, pure turquoise waters and a golden sand that does not stick to you.
For many years, Tigania used  as a nudist beach, there were tents of free campers on all the beaches, and from the beginning of the season until the end of September there was a lot of people and many foreign visitors were welcomed on a daily basis.