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Porto Koufo

Porto Koufo is a small and quiet fishing village which smells like fresh fish. Porto Koufo is the safest and largest (in depth) natural harbor in Greece and is where almost all fishing boats in the region unload their catch. Porto Koufo also has beautiful taverns where you will eat the freshest fish in Halkidiki. Porto Koufo was described by ancient civilizations as the “Deaf Harbor.” They believed that everyone in the bay of Porto Koufo could not hear any noise from the sea. The view of the harbor from the top is breathtaking. Huge rocks rise above a bay, which looks like a lake since the small opening to the sea is almost invisible. Along the coast there are caves and in some of them you can enter by boat. A very impressive place is Kartalia, the southern cape of Sithonia. You can only get there by boat.

German submarines were stationed here during the Second World War because of the bottomless depth of the harbor but also because its geographical location offers direct access to the Aegean Sea.